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Imagine a range of platforms that deliver high resolution from any angle. That offers sunlight readability. And uses extremely low power. E Ink has done more than just imagine them.
We've created them.

E Ink Prism™

E Ink’s unique and dynamic materials for architecture and design incorporating color changing electronic ink technology.
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E Ink

E Ink segmented and active matrix displays deliver the best readability with the highest contrast and longest battery life for consumer products.
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E Ink

E Ink segmented and active matrix materials enable engineers and designers to add high contrast displays where power and space limitations.
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E Ink

E Ink segmented and active matrix material display platforms inspire innovative designs and shapes using the lowest power requirements and added durability.
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Electronic Shelf Labels
E Ink Spectra™

E Ink's Electronic Shelf Labels offer the same benefits as the displays we provide into the eReader market — paper-like displays that are low powered, with a wide viewing angle.
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E Ink Electronic Shelf Labels
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E Ink

E Ink segmented and active matrix display material bridges the signage technology gap for transpiration, menu boards, gas station POS and wayfinding.
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