Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Environment first, Safety paramount, Employee Involvement and Business Continuity

E Ink Holdings (formerly Prime View International) was founded at Hsinchu Science Industrial Park by YFY Group in 1992. E Ink Holdings produces both TFT LCD and ePaper display (EPD) modules, and is devoted to the research and development, sales and marketing and manufacturing of new display techniques.

At all management levels, E Ink's supervisors are committed to employee safety, hygiene and environmental protection issues. We believe a business should be operated with the highest standards relating to the above-mentioned issues and offer effective management policies and follow through to meet them. Only by achieving safe working environments and clean production can we achieve corporate business continuity.

Based on the above comments, E Ink promises to continuously improve and achieve:

  1. Regulation obedience of industrial safety and to meet environmental standards, formation of a  workplace of hygiene and safety program to prevent employees from on-the-job injuries and job-related diseases.
  2. Risk management and pollution prevention are full duties for all supervisors and employees and  implementation should be done through coordination to achieve full involvement of employees.
  3. Adequate and essential educational training and resource and introducing new international safety and hygiene standards in order to raise employee awareness of safety, hygiene and environmental  protection issues and to improve management efficiency.
  4. Development of new manufacturing procedure and usage of new facilities and raw materials should  go through safety, hygiene and environmental protection assessment first to minimize risks and  environmental impact.
  5. Usage of harmful chemicals should meet international standards and client needs in order to align  with current environmental protection trends and increase corporate competitiveness.
  6. Reinforcement on waste reduction, energy-savings and risk control and prevention during  manufacturing in order to enhance safety, hygiene and environmental protection performance.
  7. To meet international standards of greenhouse gases emission and adopt energy efficiency control  measures in order to minimize emission of greenhouse gases.
  8. To hold the spirit of equally stressing safety, hygiene and environmental protection and corporate  development in order to achieve business continuity.