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Watch as PLA TV attempts to destroy the Esquire Magazine's E Ink display.

E Ink rugged SURF displays can be bent or hit during normal use without affecting their ability to function.

Electronic Paper Displays vs. LCD Displays



E Ink displays are flexible and becoming more so every year. Flexibility doesn't mean you'll be able to roll up the screens and stuff them in your backpack, but it is key to making displays with larger screens light enough to hold it conveniently in one hand.

Flexible doesn't mean the display is floppy, it refers to its lightweight, shatterproof or rugged characteristics.


Weight is an area where E Ink displays can claim advantage over LCD displays. For instance the current 9.7-inch display is about 27% lighter than the similar sized LCD screens used in the tablet devices.

Priya Ganapati, Five Things That Will Make E-Readers Better in 2010 - 2/17/2010

Durable and Reliable

Comprehensive environmental robustness based on multi-year investment in sealant methods, moisture protection, UV block and mechanical protection.

  • E Ink pigments are long-lasting and stable
  • E Ink displays from 2001 are still functioning
  • Over 30 Million displays with more than 17 Million eBook devices have been sold with E Ink Imaging Film
  • Over 90% of E Ink displays will last more than 10 years with typical usage*

* Stated with 90% confidence based on lifetime models. Typical usage is a 1% electric duty cycle and room temperature operation.